August 1, 2015

This relaxed wedding day could not have been more perfect with the fresh mountain air and sunny Colorado sky. At the Evans Bridge, guests enjoyed all the sights and sounds of a wonderful Colorado summer day:  the relaxing trickle of Deer Creek, the scream of a hawk overhead, a light breeze through the valley and the smell of pine trees and wildflowers. It truly felt a million miles away from the bustle of the city! Suddenly, the meadow was filled with a sweet acoustic guitar melody as Anna made a breathtaking entrance down the flagstone pathway. It was simply wonderful! Special touches included floral print bridesmaid dresses, cocktail hour games in the meadow and Anna’s stunning vintage inspired dress.

At the reception, guests enjoyed touching moments with heartfelt toasts, first dances and lots of love and laughter. Guests were treated to a delicious dinner complete with dessert bar provided by Tony Rosacci’s Fine Catering. Discosapian kept the party going with fun music for all ages! In the midst of all the fun, Anna and Daniel managed to slip away for a quiet portrait session together under the stars and market lights. What a perfect day for such a sweet couple!

We asked Anna and Daniel to answer some questions for us in order to see their perspective on the experience and give some insight to the planning process. Here are their responses:

What made you choose Deer Creek Valley Ranch? 

We loved the amazing outdoor setting and the barn. We also appreciated the fact that there were lots of options for our guests to enjoy themselves like games in the meadow during cocktail hour and the man cave during the reception. 

How was the planning process for you?

Planning logistics was the easy part especially since DCVR provides lists of great vendors and we could reach out to Brandi whenever we were stuck on something, managing family expectations and opinions was the hard part!

What was your style inspiration? 

Both Dan and I are very low key so there were no vision boards or color schemes for this wedding- we just went with things we liked and tried to keep things easy. Our main focus was just enjoying ourselves and throwing a fun party. 

What was the most memorable moment from the day?

The ceremony and the cocktail hour in the meadow. It was personal and felt very much like a reflection of us and the setting was fantastic. It had been raining so consistently all summer but we lucked out and were able to enjoy the mountain views and the Colorado ranch setting. 

Looking back, would you change anything? 

No. I had so much fun. Dan's and my goal was to actually enjoy our own wedding day and I think we accomplished that.

Anna-Daniel_1 Anna-Daniel_2 Anna-Daniel_3 Anna-Daniel_4 Anna-Daniel_5 Anna-Daniel_6 Anna-Daniel_7 Anna-Daniel_8 Anna-Daniel_9 Anna-Daniel_10 Anna-Daniel_11 Anna-Daniel_12 Anna-Daniel_13 Anna-Daniel_13_4 Anna-Daniel_14 Anna-Daniel_15 Anna-Daniel_16 Anna-Daniel_17 Anna-Daniel_18 Anna-Daniel_19

August 8, 2015

Leslie and Jeremy are a happy-go-lucky pair who have so much fun together! Their wedding day was about a union of families and a true celebration of their new life together. The day was filled with playfulness, laughter and many touching moments. Leslie was a breathtaking bride in her beautiful gown with intricate lace detailing. She was transported to the gazebo in a covered wagon provided by Kiowa Creek Coaches. During the ceremony, the valley was filled with lovely cello music performed by their daughter. 

Relish Catering provided an outstanding dinner! Afterwards, guests were led outside and watched Leslie and Jeremy’s first dance as husband and wife underneath the market lights, with the sun setting behind the mountains in the background.

Their décor included impressive DIY touches, pops of navy and khaki and flower arrangements by Prive Events. Brittany with Prive was on-site not only as their coordinator but also as their florist! With Taylor Jones Photography behind the lens, these are some photographs that you won’t want to miss! Check them out below.

We asked Leslie and Jeremy to answer some questions for us in order to see their perspective on the experience and give some insight to the planning process. Here are their responses: 

1. What made you choose Deer Creek Valley Ranch? 

We instantly knew that we had to get married at DCVR the first time we visited the ranch. We had toured several other venues prior to DCVR and none of them could compare! The service we received from management at the ranch was excellent. We didn't feel rushed or pressured to make a decision.  She took her time showing us every aspect the ranch had to offer and was able to answer all of our questions.  We left with a very comfortable feeling, knowing that we had found the perfect place to say 'I do'.  

2. How was the planning process for you?

We had a lot of fun with the planning process! Jeremy's favorite part had to be the catering tastings. I enjoyed creating the details for our day, as I'm sure most brides do! The best decision we made was to work with Prive Events for our day-of coordination. My bridesmaids and close family all live several states away, so by working with Prive, the logistical details were all taken care ahead of time and we were able to relax and enjoy the day with our family and friends!

3. What was your style inspiration?

Our style inspiration was a direct reflection of the ranch and our personal style. We wanted to keep things simple and laid back, creating a relaxed atmosphere for our guests. We didn't fuss over a lot of decorations because the venue simply doesn't need them. We made sure though that we included some personal touches; for example, we created our table numbers from a branch found at our favorite camping spot and Jeremy built the bag toss and washer games as well as the seating chart. 

4. What was the most memorable moment from the day?

It's hard to choose!  I'll never forget the feeling of our 'first look' though.  The anticipation I felt walking up to surprise him, followed by those moments we shared all to ourselves was a feeling we'll never forget. Secondly, walking down the aisle was very memorable for me. Since I was hidden away while all of the guests arrived, it was incredible seeing everyone there for the first time. Seeing the smiles, tears, and excitement in their faces was amazing. We felt very blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful group of family and friends who were there to show their support and love for us as we exchanged vows.  

5. Looking back, would you change anything?

Honestly, we wouldn't change a thing. In true Colorado fashion, an afternoon mountain rain shower popped up during the ceremony, but even that didn't spoil the day!  I truly believe that we chose the right people to work with who made it all happen 'behind the scenes'.  Thank you to DCVR staff, Prive Events, Relish Catering, Taylor Jones Photography, COMPLETE DJ and Videography, Nicole Marie Makeup, Kiowa Creek Coaches and many others!

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As we draw near to the end of the year, we reflect on what a great year it has been at Deer Creek Valley Ranch. We have had the privilege of working with some amazing couples and vendors and we look forward to what 2016 has to offer!

Here is a flash back to some of the incredible weddings we have had this year:

  • Sarah & Dominic

    Sarah + Dominic 6-13-15 Photo Credit: Green Blossom Photography

  • Anna & Daniel

    Anna + Daniel 8-1-15 Photo Credit: Steve Lynds Photography

  • Leslie & Jeremy

    Leslie + Jeremy 8-8-15 Photo Credit: Taylor Jones Photography

  • Paige & Clayton

    Paige + Clayton 10-11-15

  • Erin & Patrick

    Erin + Patrick 10-3-15 Photo Credit: Katie Corrine Photography

  • Bailey & Brandon

    Bailey + Brandon 8-15-15 Photo Credit: Haley Allen Photography

  • Shaina + Ian

    Shaina + Ian 7-26-15

  • Taylor & Brian

    Taylor + Brian 9-18-15 Photo Credit: Catherine Jeter Photography

  • Kassidy & Greg

    Kassidy + Greg 10-9-15

  • Charissa & Gage

    Charissa + Gage 9-20-15 Photo Credit: Brett Birdsong Photography

Happy Holidays from our family to yours and Cheers to 2016!

September 18, 2015

Taylor and Brian are the kind of couple that fairytale’s are made from. Personal trainers by trade, Taylor and Brian are two of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Their day was filled with kindness, love and laughter, a perfect reflection of the two of them.

Their picture-perfect Colorado day made for a perfect backdrop for their lovely wedding ceremony. After their guests arrived at the Covered Bridge site and took their seats, Taylor was chauffeured down the aisle in a carriage provided by Kiowa Creek. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and games in the meadow framed by a beautiful row of aspen trees just beginning to change color.

Mint and coral decorations accompanied by brilliant arrangements of bright pink peonies and roses, provided by The Olive and Poppy, made for a perfect end of summer celebration. Relish provided fun food stations in the loft which included taco and slider bars! After dinner, Taylor and Brian performed a perfectly-orchestrated first dance on the flagstone patio underneath the market lights. The dancing and celebration continued in the barn with music provided by A Music Plus.

I am so happy that Taylor and Brian chose to share their special day with us. Catherine Jeter Photography captured the day so perfectly. Check out her images below and visit her website:

We asked Taylor and Brian to answer some questions for us in order to see their perspective on the experience and give some insight to the planning process!

1. What made you choose Deer Creek Valley Ranch? 

DCVR was brought to us by our wedding planner, Melanie Jannicelli. We wanted the spot as soon as we visited the meadow in front of Mt. Evans. What made it awesome was how peacefully quiet it was out there. You cannot hear cars or other traffic. You would not have to decorate one thing at your wedding, because the venue speaks for itself. 

2. How was the planning process for you?

Haha... God Bless Wedding Planners! Melanie made the planning process a breeze. 

3. What was your style inspiration? 

Rustic Elegance... Shabby Chic... Romance... I feel like crying now thinking about how beautiful it was. 

4. What was the most memorable moment from the day?

How do you pick just one!? Our ceremony... Our first dance in front of the outdoor fireplace... Dancing to "Shout" with all our friends... Our "first look" before the ceremony...

5. Looking back, would you change anything? 

Nope!... I wouldn't change a darn thing. I can't even think of what would have made it better. It was so perfect. 

If I were to have any advice for your other brides at the venue it would be:to hire a wedding planner to do the entire thing. Its 100% worth it.

Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0229 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0160 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0147 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0133 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0129 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0116 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0109 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0101 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0073 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0048 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0041 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0007 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Reception-0005 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0142 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0115 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0071 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0029 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0023 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0009 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Formal-0003 Brian_Taylor_wedding-FirstLook-0007 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Cocktails-0091 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Cocktails-0081 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Cocktails-0050 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Cocktails-0031 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Cocktails-0023 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0205 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0201 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0195 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0189 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0185 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0175 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0133 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0103 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0071 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0037 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0007 Brian_Taylor_wedding-Ceremony-0001

Bailey and Brandon met while working at Loveland Ski area. As avid outdoor-enthusiasts, they wanted to bring a taste of the Rocky Mountains to their friends and family. The Evans Bridge Meadow was the perfect setting!

While guests were being transported to the bridge for the ceremony, Bailey waited with her bridesmaids in a tent setup in the meadow. She was an absolutely stunning bride in her lace gown as she made her way through the meadow towards Brandon. Bailey’s uncle officiated the ceremony and provided a sweet, personalized touch by incorporating heartfelt stories of Bailey and Brandon.

For this adventurous pair, everything about the day was a clear reflection of who they are as a couple. The tables were named after peaks that they summited together and each table marker was decorated with a photograph of the two of them on top of the peak. Bailey carefully setup rock cairns to mark Brandon’s ‘trail’ to the aisle. They even made their dog part of the ceremony!

It was a sweet, lovely wedding filled with love and laughter. We appreciate Bailey and Brandon for sharing their special day with us and we wish them many more adventures together! Checkout the below beautiful photographs by the very talented Haley Allen photography.

We asked Bailey and Brandon to answer some questions for us in order to see their perspective on the experience give some insight to the planning process. Here are their responses:

1. What made you choose Deer Creek Valley Ranch? 

The covered bridge meadow was breathtaking and we had an emotional connection with the ceremony site immediately. 

2. How was the planning process for you?

The planning process was much easier than we ever anticipated. Working with Lindsey and Brandi was so easy. They accommodated our every request. 

3. What was your style inspiration? 


4. What was the most memorable moment from the day?

The clouds parting, the rain stopping and the amazingly beautiful sky it left behind. 

5. Looking back, would you change anything? 

Not one single thing. 


Brandon-Bailey-0059 Brandon-Bailey-0113-(1) Brandon-Bailey-0122 Brandon-Bailey-0123 Brandon-Bailey-0137 Brandon-Bailey-0180 Brandon-Bailey-0184 Brandon-Bailey-0186 Brandon-Bailey-0203 Brandon-Bailey-0241 Brandon-Bailey-0258 Brandon-Bailey-0260 Brandon-Bailey-0279 Brandon-Bailey-0323 Brandon-Bailey-0332 Brandon-Bailey-0337 Brandon-Bailey-0387 Brandon-Bailey-0398 Brandon-Bailey-0418 Brandon-Bailey-0431 Brandon-Bailey-0443 Brandon-Bailey-0459 Brandon-Bailey-0471 Brandon-Bailey-0488 Brandon-Bailey-0492 Brandon-Bailey-0504 Brandon-Bailey-0507 Brandon-Bailey-0516 Brandon-Bailey-0537 Brandon-Bailey-0554 Brandon-Bailey-0579 Brandon-Bailey-0590 Brandon-Bailey-0602 Brandon-Bailey-0623 Brandon-Bailey-0632 Brandon-Bailey-0669 Brandon-Bailey-0687 Brandon-Bailey-0696

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