Taylor and Brian Dancing

Taylor's and Brian's Story

September 18, 2015

Taylor and Brian are the kind of couple that fairytale’s are made from. Personal trainers by trade, Taylor and Brian are two of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Their day was filled with kindness, love and laughter, a perfect reflection of the two of them.

Their picture-perfect Colorado day made for a perfect backdrop for their lovely wedding ceremony. After their guests arrived at the Covered Bridge site and took their seats, Taylor was chauffeured down the aisle in a carriage provided by Kiowa Creek. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktails and games in the meadow framed by a beautiful row of aspen trees just beginning to change color.

Mint and coral decorations accompanied by brilliant arrangements of bright pink peonies and roses, provided by The Olive and Poppy, made for a perfect end of summer celebration. Relish provided fun food stations in the loft which included taco and slider bars! After dinner, Taylor and Brian performed a perfectly-orchestrated first dance on the flagstone patio underneath the market lights. The dancing and celebration continued in the barn with music provided by A Music Plus.

I am so happy that Taylor and Brian chose to share their special day with us. Catherine Jeter Photography captured the day so perfectly. Check out her images below and visit her website: www.catherinejeterphotography.com.

We asked Taylor and Brian to answer some questions for us in order to see their perspective on the experience and give some insight to the planning process!

1. What made you choose Deer Creek Valley Ranch? 

DCVR was brought to us by our wedding planner, Melanie Jannicelli. We wanted the spot as soon as we visited the meadow in front of Mt. Evans. What made it awesome was how peacefully quiet it was out there. You cannot hear cars or other traffic. You would not have to decorate one thing at your wedding, because the venue speaks for itself. 

2. How was the planning process for you?

Haha... God Bless Wedding Planners! Melanie made the planning process a breeze. 

3. What was your style inspiration? 

Rustic Elegance... Shabby Chic... Romance... I feel like crying now thinking about how beautiful it was. 

4. What was the most memorable moment from the day?

How do you pick just one!? Our ceremony... Our first dance in front of the outdoor fireplace... Dancing to "Shout" with all our friends... Our "first look" before the ceremony...

5. Looking back, would you change anything? 

Nope!... I wouldn't change a darn thing. I can't even think of what would have made it better. It was so perfect. 

If I were to have any advice for your other brides at the venue it would be:to hire a wedding planner to do the entire thing. Its 100% worth it.

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Taylor + Brian’s Dream Team:

Planner: Melanie Jannicelli with Kimberly Rose Events

Caterer: Relish

Photographer: Catherine Jeter Photography       

DJ: A Music Plus

Florist: The Olive & Poppy

Alcohol: Peak Beverage

Bakery: Cakeheads 

Horse & Carriage: Kiowa Creek

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