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If you are looking for a high-energy, creative photographer who is passionate about his craft, look no further than David Brenowitz! David will make you feel comfortable in front of the lens and you will have a blast working with him. We asked David a few questions about him and his photography business. Read on to learn more about the very talented David Brenowitz!

  1. Can you share with us three of your favorite images from photo shoots you've shot in the past? Tell us why they're your favorite!
    This is like stating what your favorite songs are. For me, it changes from moment to moment. Ask me that same question 10 minutes from now and it's bound to be different. Given that...
  2. How would you best describe your photographic style?
    Better yet...   Why do I photograph? When you watch me work, you'll see that I'm like a kid discovering something cool for the first time. I occasionally exclaim "wow" (or some such), and share the wonder of an image I just created. It's that sharing of newly captured memories that feeds my style of photographing moments. 
  3. What do you love most about Colorado weddings?
    I moved here, from the east coast, to play in the great outdoors. Colorado weddings are an extension of that. Most times, I get to create memorable client images and incorporate our awesome scenery.  
  4. What led you to wedding photography?
    For me, this career is a high. It pumps my spirit and clears my mind.
    Every single time I photograph a wedding, I'm focused on everything going on around me while making sure my clients are having fun.
    Great artists know the rewards of truly living for and seizing the moment. I know I feel awesome when I live and experience...the "now"... creating images of places, people and events. That's why I photograph weddings.
    • - DCVR - Everything in this one says "this couple". The brides dad brought their vintage truck (background). Key elements come together in one shot. A great venue, a kiss and memories of rides in the truck. Add to that, a perfect nighttime exposure.... what more can one want?  
    • - Limo Bride - After the ride in a Rolls Royce limo, the groom opens the door for his bride. The sheer joy on her face is priceless.
    • - Celebration - A celebration of equality for all. The right to marry who you choose becomes the law of the land in 2015. What a fun photograph. Gotta love the mid-air timing.  
  5. What's one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?
    I believe that creativity in one discipline feeds others. For me it's a three way. Photography, adventure travel and music. I've been both a photographer and a musician (drummer), all my life. The similarities of those two art forms (they feed each other) are exemplified by the sharing of creative energies with those I serve. It's the positive feedback from my audience/clients that inspire me to continually expand my skills. Adventure travel allows me to see and photograph the world as it unfolds in front of me. It's the merging of that skill set with a clients unfolding wedding day that helps me to create imagery and a very different way.
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Check out more of David’s work on his website: http://davidbrenowitzphotography.com and visit his gallery of photographs from DCVR! http://davidbrenowitzphotography.com/venues/deer-creek-valley-ranch

David Brenowitz Photography

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