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Brides and Grooms: We would like you to meet Heather and Gunnar with High Altitude Photography. I first met Heather and Gunnar when they came up one afternoon for a tour of the ranch. I was struck by their obvious passion for their art and I knew instantly that this was a photography team that I had to introduce DCVR couples to! Read on and learn more about this amazing photography duo…


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1. What led you to wedding photography? 

Gunnar: I have been photographing women for decades and have done the random wedding from time to time, but they were so much work, alone, that I really didn't want to advertise that I did them. Then, last July, Heather asked me if I would consider doing wedding photography with her, and I jumped at it. She has a look that is so different from mine, yet complimentary to my style, that I would be a fool not to recognize that we were meant to work together.

Heather: Like Gunnar, I thought wedding photography was the last specialty I'd end up concentrating on. It is such a stressful, demanding genre and business that, although I was fascinated by the work of some wedding photographers I admire, I never considered focusing on it myself. But then the idea popped into my head one night. I almost don't know what it was--a combination of things: I realized that my photographic skill set had grown and I'd become able to think on my feet and photograph in demanding situations, I'd been educating myself on the business and industry side of things. Those ideas, combined with the wonderful way that photo shoots were going when Gunnar and I worked together, sort of coalesced all at once (I think I was brushing my teeth before bed at the time!). I mentioned the idea to him, casually, after that. I think our wedding business was launched two weeks later. The decision was made almost before we knew we had decided. It was just--the right way to go for us.

2. What do you love most about Colorado weddings?

Gunnar: I love the mountains more than any other view in life. All the trees, the lines of the mountain ranges flowing one into the other, the way the light is diffused by the trees, the wildly blue skys, the… Oh, I think you get what I am saying. Be it sunrise or sunset, Colorado never lets me down.

Heather: Colorado contains many of the best spots on earth, packed into one square state. There's good reason that we're a world-class wedding destination. The sheer beauty of mountain landscapes never gets old. Never. It's amazing, too, the wild places that can be reached within a short drive of a major city like Denver. Couples who get married here do so because they love it, and there is a special attitude associated with it. I think I could best describe it as a laid-back approach but with the expectation of adventure. And adventure is one of the most important things in life to me. So what could be better than to get paid to photograph people embarking on the biggest adventure in life, and who also appreciate Colorado the way I do?

3. How would you best describe your photographic style?

Gunnar: Our style can be summed up in 3 words- elegant, intimate, nuanced.

Heather: What Gunnar said! Our styles complement each other. He's the portrait genius, and can light people and get angles that I'd never think of. My background is in travel photography. I'm a concept-driven detail geek, so I want to shoot images that say a little more than just what's obvious in the center of the frame--images that have a meaning underlying them.

4. Can you share with us three of your favorite images from photo shoots you've shot in the past? Tell us why they're your favorite!

Gunnar: One of my favorite images is this shot that shows what is happening both inside and outside of this house. I feel it really contributes to the story of the couple's day more than many other photos of that day could. I am also a lover of all that is different, and this is not your typical wedding day image.

Heather: This black-and white profile portrait is one of my recent favorites. It is the kind of deceptively "simple" image that is often elusive but that I strive for. Just a perfect moment, when you can tell by their expressions how they feel. A little moment of love and joy.

The bride at sunset is a good example of the way we can collaborate on a creative and technical level. Sunset shoots are fun, and gloriously beautiful, but they are also tricky. The backlight is strong when you're shooting into the sun (making anything except silhouettes difficult), and you're obviously under major time pressure, as the light is changing by the second. During this shoot, I (Heather) had the camera and Gunnar was acting as the "voice activated light stand". He wanted to capture this pose with this gorgeous bride, but instead of taking the time to switch all of our gear and places (wasting valuable minutes as the sun went down behind the ridge), he just told me what he wanted and trusted me to execute it on the fly. That takes an amazing amount of confidence in someone, and a pretty deep understanding of each other's aesthetics and approach.

5. What's one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

Gunnar: I eat meat, but I don't like steak. Shocking, right?!

Heather: I spent two years as a "digital nomad". I've driven alone (well, if you don't count my dog) all over the US. My favorite parts were all of the solo camping/hiking trips I took in between more long-term destinations.




High Altitude Photography

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