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It is always a great pleasure working with Tom and Lucy with Milestone Imaging. This husband and wife team know not only how to create a great image, but how to truly appreciate and experience what a wedding is all about. They are kind-hearted, fun-loving and extremely passionate about capturing the beauty and unique moments in each couple’s special day. One thing’s for sure, you are in exceptional hands with Milestone Imaging.

Hoping to get to know Tom and Lucy a bit better, I asked them a few questions about themselves and their business. Read on to find out more about the very talented Tom and Lucy Miles with Milestone Imaging.  

1. What led you to wedding photography? 

Imagine having a backstage pass to your favorite show...  The challenges and rewards of capturing the emotions and excitement of a couple's big day, is what drew us in.  We have a passion and deep respect for love, marriage and family, and the privilege of recording these "once in a lifetime" moments energizes and excites us.  Another benefit for us is the relationships we get to experience.  Often we become great friends with our couples, and get to photograph their new babies and growing families.  


2. What do you love most about Colorado weddings?

For us it's the fact that probably 95% of Colorado weddings we shoot will have an outdoor component and we can incorporate natural beauty into our work.  This allows us capture our brides and grooms in breathtaking settings.  The Colorado landscape is the best backdrop you can ask for!!  

We often prepare a variety of black and white images in additional to color images for our couples.  We once had a bride request that every image be in full color.  She said the colors were so beautiful at her wedding; she had to see them in every image.  That about sums up Colorado weddings.


3. How would you best describe your photographic style?

We take a story telling approach.  We feel that it's important to incorporate our couples into their surroundings while we strive to show the excitement of being newly married and the emotional connection between them.  It can be a tall order, but most likely our couple has chosen their venue because of its beautiful setting and they imagine themselves intertwined within it.  How they felt, their excitement, where they were, what the weather was like, what time of day it was, how everything looked at that moment is all told in the image.  Every time they see it, they will remember!    


4. Can you share with us three of your favorite images? Tell us why they're your favorite!

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Photo 1:  This is our style!  Stephanie and Chris have just been married and are enjoying the moment in their wintery surroundings.  Stephanie's vision was a winter wedding in the mountains, and this image tells that story perfectly.

 DCVRblog2 731x1024 571x800

Photo 2:   This is a backlit shot of Kirsten and Michael and is a signature image for us.  It's usually how we end the evening with our bride and groom and often will become the last page in their album.  

 DCVRblog3 800x534

Photo 3:  This was one of our funnest wedding moments at DCVR.  Dan went into a full rendition of The Righteous Brothers, "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling", much to Jessi's delight!  In spite of being put on the spot, Dan really owned it and pulled it off beautifully!

 Check out more photos from Jessi and Dan’s wedding at DCVR here


5. What's one thing we might be surprised to learn about you?

We are cryers... if someone at the wedding gets emotional, darn it, we will too.  We just can't help it!  Parent dances are a killer during the reception, and all over again when we review the images with our couples after the wedding.  We try to spend time with each and every couple to learn about them before the wedding.  This results in us being emotionally invested in our couple and their families on their wedding day. 


More photos from Milestone Imaging: 

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