The Gardner Effect

The Gardner Effect

The Gardner Effect coordinates weddings at Deer Creek Valley Ranch often and with good reason! Adrienne and her team of lovely ladies flawlessly plan and coordinate each event with perfection. We just love working with them and we know you will too! We asked Adrienne, owner of The Gardner Effect Event Planning, a few questions about her and her business. Read on to learn more about this fabulous planning team!

1. When did you get into event planning and how?

I actually started out of college working for various non-profits.  Planning fundraisers, galas, auctions, 5ks etc. It was not until 2013 after I moved to Colorado that I started The Gardner Effect. Since then we have grown to a really great group of 7 coordinators and we plan and coordinate events/weddings all over Colorado.

2. What do you love most about event planning?

The best part honestly is that we get to be with these people on very important days in their lives.  A wedding, engagement, maybe a sweet 16.  We get to be a part of that moment. We get to say..."I helped them create that perfect moment."  And there is no better feeling in the world!   

3. Describe your most memorable event to date. 

Wow!  There have been so many good ones!  In September 2015, we coordinated a wedding where the couple had waited over 30 years to get married!  Both families were super comfortable with each other, and you could really feel the love between not just the couple but the families!   It was such an honor to be a part of something like that, the feeling is hard to describe.   Such a joy to work with...from the first meeting to the last dance.  I think I will remember that wedding for my entire life.  

4. What advice do you have for couples planning a wedding? 

My parents are both accountants so my advice normally starts with the budget.  It is super important to set your budget and then break it down into categories. BEFORE you shop for any venue or vendor.  So many times we will find a couple has really over spent on a few things leaving little room for much else.  After you set your budget you need to discuss what are your priorities.  Most of us do not have unlimited funds, so something will have to give.  We tell our couples to focus on what is important to them. Maybe a really great band, or amazing food.  Then maybe spend a bit less on "the look" and decor.  

5. What sets The Gardner Effect apart from other planning companies? 

There are some really great planners and coordinators in Colorado!  But I would have to say what makes us different is that we are super focused on creating a seamless day. One that flows really well...where guests will say..'best wedding I have ever been to."  Where the couple and the family have to worry about nothing but enjoying themselves.  The experience of the couple, family and the guests is always our top priority.  Whether they hire us for a month of coordination or full planning...the big day will go off without a hitch! 

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