Sarah + Bo

If ever there was a wedding that personified the fall season, it would be this wedding! 

Sarah and Bo’s day was a perfect celebration of their Colorado roots and their love for one another. Using the Ranch’s beginnings as inspiration, Sarah and Bo rented an authentic stagecoach from Newell Stagecoach. The driver, Jim and his mail carrier coach, appeared to have emerged directly out of a scene from an old western movie! To continue the theme, Affinity for Music setup a western photobooth in the barn, complete with hay bales and an ‘old timey’ photo background. The sunflowers, lace and purple details gave their western motif the perfect amount of sophistication and pop of color against the natural landscape. Elevate Photography draws us in with stunning photographs that capture the true joy from the day. There’s no doubt that Sarah and Bo provided their guests with a fun, mountain experience that they won’t soon forget! 

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Sarah + Bo

Bontrager 0372 682x1024

Dream team:

Photographer: Elevate Photography 

Caterer: Occasions 

Planner: Megan Lautenschlager

DJ/Photo Booth: Affinity for Music

Alcohol: Peak Beverage

Stagecoach: Newell Stagecoach Hitch Inc.

Rentals: Event Rents 

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